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Project Description
NDepend TFS 2010 integration provides build activities, a build report customization addin, and extends the TFS Warehouse in order to leverage NDepend quality statistics for your projects.

The goal of this project is to provide addins and extensions in order to leverage NDepend within Team Foundation Server 2010.

Project content

Basically it provides 3 main deliverables :
  • A Team Build 2010 workflow activity to call NDepend and to track its data into the build records (thus into the TFS database)
  • A Visual Studio 2010 Addin to customize the display of the build reports with NDepend data
  • (not yet released, work in progress) A Warehouse adapter to bring NDepend data into the Warehouse
    • Later some Excel reports may be provided

Here is what you can expect in build reports :


Comments, bug reports, feedback always welcome !

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