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  • TFS 2010 for the build Activity and build template
  • Visual Studio 2010 for the Add-in
  • NDepend 3.x

In the source controller

You'll need to create .ndproj projects next to your solution files (.sln). Give the same name as the solution.
Eg: TailspinToys.ndproj must be place in the same folder as TailspinToys.sln

There is no override (yet) for this. You can customise your NDepend project with custom queries, configuration.

Critical rules will not (yet) break the build. This will be available as a build option.

How to integrate the build activity

Unzip the NDependActivities package, connect to your TFS source controller and follow the detailed instructions here

How to install and use the Visual Studio Add-in

Simply unzip it into your local "My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins"
Nb : Create the Addins folder under Visual Studio 2010 if it does not exist.

When you'll be displaying TFS build reports in Visual Studio, if the reports contains NDepend data logged by the NDepend Activity, then a new NDepend section will appear in the build Summary. It should not harm performance if no data is found.

NDepend HTML reports

They are placed in the drop folder of your build. If you delete the build, that will appropriately destroy the HTML report, and the NDepend data associated to the build. All the clean way.

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nkdavis Feb 13, 2014 at 4:23 PM 
does not work with NDepend 5.x tools needs major updates.
volunteers?? anyone??